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Brent Lloyd, Vice President


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What to expect

Our conference has been going strong for over two decades now, and we're just getting started. These days, you can always expect three main aspects of any Aeries conference:

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Join us and learn why more and more schools are attending AeriesCon every year. We know this will be the best conference yet.

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Dedicated deep-dives on Wednesday

The third day of the conference offers attendees the opportunity to attend advanced sessions dedicated to a more focused topic. Attendees can choose between the Advanced Database Administrator (DBA) or Advanced CALPADS Day being offered {{dates.thirdDayDateFull}}. These sessions will be more in-depth and beyond the scope of the respective sessions offered on Network Administration and State Reporting during the first two days of the conference.

Vendor partners at Aeriescon

The AeriesCon experience is made even more valuable by the presence of our partners and 3rd-party vendors who will be in attendance. These businesses develop software tools that interface with the Aeries SIS platform, providing enhanced functionality. At the conference, be sure to stop by and chat with representatives to learn more about their integrations with Aeries!

Conference Venue

The {{venue.name}} is the perfect place to convene with the Aeries community and expand your knowledge of the Aeries ecosystem.





Getting there by car

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A classic venue in the heart of the city

The Santa Clara Convention Center is not where Aeries typically holds its annual Fall conferences - normally we'd be at the Sacramento Convention Center. However, as the Sacramento Convention Center is undergoing renovations, Santa Clara offers a great temporary stand-in for {{general.conferenceName.long}}.

Misc. Details

The Convention Center is 5 miles from the From San Jose International Airport, and is within walking distance of a variety of hotel and dining options.

  • Water will be available at the convention center at water cooler stations.
  • In addition to a lunch, snacks will be served at certain times throughout the days.
  • Signage will be present to assist in the location of breakout rooms.
  • The Aeries team will be at the check-in booth if you have any venue questions during the conference.
Where to Stay

Looking for a good place to stay? Here are some of our favorite hotels nearby the convention center.




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